Agriculture Robotic Solutions

Agriculture continues to be one of the most innovative industries in using technology. Autonomous vehicle technology especially has direct application to help farmers and corporations become more efficient and productive. Since 2000, Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI) has provided innovative and reliable autonomous vehicle building blocks to major OEMs and farmers around the world.

Production-Ready Autonomy

  • Vehicle Automation Kits: ASI’s after-market vehicle automation kit can turn any tractor, combine, or other agricultural vehicle platform into a partial or fully autonomous vehicle depending on the needs of your project. We have experience using the following automation methods (or a combination of all three depending on the vehicle):

    • CAN Bus/OEM interface
    • Hydraulic
    • Mechanical

  • Mobius Command & Control Software: Mobius allows a single operator to control multiple autonomous agricultural vehicles from one command center. It is a highly effective software solution for navigating and dispatching multiple farming vehicles, controlling farming implements (plows, drills, sprayers, etc.), and coordinating complex missions between vehicles to help farmers and corporations run more efficient operations.
  • Obstacle Detection and Avoidance: Collisions of agricultural equipment with humans, animals, objects, and other farm equipment can be very dangerous and expensive. ASI’s Forecast 3D Laser System and Vantage Software offer end-to-end obstacle detection and avoidance solutions that can help your autonomous vehicles avoid potentially dangerous situations.


  • Agriculture equipment testing
  • Orchard automation
  • Large field/agriculture automation
  • Landscape/lawn care
  • Range/land clearance
  • Multi-vehicle area coverage