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Government Robotic Solutions

Since 2000, Autonomous Solutions, Inc. has provided products and services to government, military, and law enforcement agencies, labs, testing, and training facilities. For defense labs such as US Army TARDEC, the Navy’s EOD Technology Division, SPAWAR, NSWC, and DARPA, ASI’s world-class robotics researchers have developed high mobility platforms, GPS-denied autonomy, 3D mapping, and innovative human-machine interfaces. ASI supplies vehicle automation hardware and software for test and training ranges across the country, including Nellis and Luke Air Force Base. For homeland security, ASI has automated large backhoes and tele-handlers for use by SWAT and bomb squads both in the US and abroad.

Field Ready Autonomy

Military and other government agencies require vehicle automation that preforms at the highest level. ASI has risen to this challenge with our line of durable and reliable automation products.

  • Vehicle Automation Kits: ASI’s after-market vehicle automation kit can turn any vehicle platform into a partial or fully autonomous vehicle depending on the needs of your project.
  • Guideline ™ Robotic Convoy System: The Guideline™ system uses a physical tether to link a convoy of vehicles together into a fully autonomous leader/follower system.
  • Mobius™ Command & Control Software: Mobius™ allows a single operator to control multiple autonomous vehicles from one central location, plan dynamic paths using point-and-go technology, and run dispatch and analytic algorithms for highly efficient mission operations.
  • Chaos™ High Mobility Robot: Traverse rocky terrain, execute persistent surveillance, perform bomb disposal, assist troops in forward combat areas, inspect vehicles or rooms in hazardous environments such as mines or chemical spills, and more with Chaos™

Test and Training

Test new military or government vehicles around the clock with autonomous vehicle solutions from ASI. Also test personnel in live fire exercises with automated target vehicles.

  • Target Vehicle Automation
  • Proving Ground Automation

Research and Development

ASI’s research and development engineers have worked on many government and military contracts to bring about advances in robotic technology. Current research projects include small robot navigation and manipulation, obstacle detection and avoidance, GPS denied navigation including LIDAR/vision based road following, and more. Learn more about ASI’s Research & Development arm at the links below.

  • 3D Vision
  • 3D Obstacle Mapping and Avoidance
  • GPS Denied Navigation