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Industrial Robotic Solutions

Since 2000, Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI) has automated more than 60 different types of vehicles from small ATVs to the largest construction, agricultural, and mining vehicles. Hundreds of vehicles currently operate in the field using ASI’s vehicle automation kit, focusing on the jobs that are too dull, dirty, and dangerous for human operators.


Autonomous agricultural vehicles allow farming operations to be more efficient, precise, and run for longer hours. Farmers can map out a predetermined area coverage or designate precise rows for planting and harvesting. For safety, farmers determine a safe operational area that the vehicle will operate inside and can attach obstacle detection equipment to detect and avoid running over any obstructions.


Mine safety and precision is key in any mining operation, and autonomous vehicle technology can help you operate at peak efficiency. Map out route for each autonomous mining vehicle and then use Mobius Command & Control Software to manage individual or multiple vehicles simultaneously. Use obstacle detection and avoidance technology to dynamically plan paths around potential hazards. Use analytics to identify and diagnose bottle necks across mine activities. ASI’s industrial vehicle automation solutions are crucial to any modern mining operation.

Proving Ground Automation

While vehicle automation is not new to proving grounds the ability to automate inexpensively is. Much of what is currently available with respect to vehicle robotics is expensive and designed for very specific tests. ASI’s vehicle automation kit, however, was developed to be an all-in-one solution for testing across a variety of industries.

  • Automotive Testing: ADAS, destructive rollover, high speed, durability, endurance, and more.
  • Industrial Testing: Heavy vehicle and equipment automation, implements/ancillary attachments, safety, long-haul, and more.
  • Military Testing: New model testing, live fire/automated targets, robotic convoy, and more.